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Server Rules

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  1. Basic Rules
    1. Powergaming is not tolorated!
    2. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts!
    3. Logging off during RP situation is not tolorated
    4. Breaking character without an on-duty server administrator present is not tolorated!
    5. Cop Baiting is not allowed!
    6. Erotic roleplay is only allowed in private and when both sides are fine with it.
    7. Administrative decisions are final, dont argue with them! If you feel like you've been misjudged, file a complaint in the forums.
  2. Names
    1. Your character must have a first and a last name!
    2. Using a name of a famous person (politicians, actors and such..) is prohibited!
  3. Communication
    1. Communicating via voice chat should always be considered an IN-Character channel!
    2. Mixing IC and OOC channels is prohobited! (Metagame)
    3. Spam is prohibited in both, text and voice channels! (That includes constant screaming through voice)
    4. Insulting & Racisim is not tolorated in OOC channels!
    5. Using third party voice platforms for "help" during RP is only allowed for emergency services!
  4. Deaths & Killing
    1. Deathmatch is not tolorated, you need a reasonable cause to actually take someones life.
    2. Revengekill is not tolorated, if you die, you cant remember who killed you nor why.
    3. Terror attacks require permissions from higher server staff!
    4. Vehicular Deathmatch is not allowed!
  5. Robbing & Conning
    1. You cannot force a player to take money out of ATM during robbery
    2. Maximum ammount you can rob from a player is $20'000!
    3. Maximum ammount you can con from a player is $30'000!
    4. If you rob/con a player, you must wait a while before performing it again on the same person.
    5. Conning illegal stuff (guns/drugs, etc...) is not considered under rules 2. & 3. under Robbing & Conning! If theres a transaction of goods, then the other party can actually take the contraband and run.
    6. Robbing in Department Headquarters is not tolorated!
    7. Conning vehicles or properties is not allowed!
  6. Weapons
    1. If you are taking out a large weapon, you have to RP it out with atleast one /me command!
    2. Public advertisments about contraband sales is not tolorated (through media)
  7. Property & Money
    1. You are not allowed to sell/exchange your IN-Game property/money for IRL Currency/Stuff.
  8. Glitches & Bugs
    1. All glitches or game breaking bugs regarding server resources must be reported in the correct sub-forum. Using them for your own gain will result in a permanent ban!


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