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Community Rules & Guidelines

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General Rules

  • We want to create a friendly atmosphere here. Please keep it friendly and do not make personal attacks or use offensive language against others. Please don't be disrespectful to other members. No harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech, insults, offensive jokes, threats, offensive/sexually explicit content, religious/political discussion & platform bashing, this behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam, simple, straightforward, don’t do it.
  • General rule, if you think you will be breaking the rules by doing something, don’t do it. Or ask an admin before you do it.
  • Help regarding certain games should be asked under that game category help forums.
  • Community/Server Staff will have final verdict on rules. If a member of our team asks you to stop doing something, you should stop.

Forum Rules

  1. Netiquette
    1. Topic title
      • When creating topics, your title should be informative and mature
    2. Topic & post content
      • When posting something, you must stay respectful to other community members
      • Following actions are not allowed when posting:
        • Posting malware
        • Using inappropriate language, including violent or sexually explicit content
        • No copyrighted content that you dont own rights over
        • Advertising images/content that may or may not lead to other sites unless it benefits the community and community management has given you permission to actually post that kind of content.
        • To avoid duplicating content, search the forum first before you post a topic.
    3. Language
      • If you are not communicating in a country based forum/thread, then the content & subjects of your topics/posts should be in english, since we are an international community.
    4. Constructive Feedback
      • We appreciate your feedback and even criticism as long as its constructive. Deliberately attacking the community is not allowed, nor will it be tolorated.
    5. Accounts
      • Everyone should have only one account per person in the forums. Multi-Accounts will be banned if found out along with your "main" account.
    6. Shoutbox
      • Includes all the rules from "2. Topic & post content"

Discord Rules

  • NSFW content will not be tolerated. The content will be removed and the user that posted it will have consequences (kick or ban). Rule here is, if you think it is NSFW don't post it.
  • No advertising. Don't post Discord server links, social media links, or any nsfw website without permission. That also includes DM advertising. If you receive Direct Message advertisements please report it to our amazing admin team.

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