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  1. Kenth

    Devblog 1

    Devblog 1 Added slideshow to the offline-page in UCP. Rust Server Management is ready! Ability to start the server! Ability to stop the server! Ability to restart the server! Ability to wipe the server! Ability to upload maps! You can sync your Steam account with the UCP. If you also sync your Discord in the forums & refresh the page in UCP, your account will be fully synced and Rust server will be able to send you raid notifications & rewards for using /discord IN-Game. Started the support for FiveM server.
  2. Kenth


  3. Kenth

    Devblog #2

    New MLO mapping for Mission Row PD Added a new illegal warehouse job New Bank UI, now works with character names instead of ID's (You need to type a name of the character you want to transfer money to.) First Person Shooting now cancels when you switch to melee/fists Mechanic has been moved back to Los Santos New Inventory UI, some items still need images. Clicking & Unclicking seatbelt shows now on top of player head aswell. Added a little cooldown between seatbelt switching ATM's show now on map aswell. City Hall now has an interior aswell
  4. Dear @Tazdevil, You've been accepted to our community as a Member, no interview needed. Sincerely, Marrazo Community Management
  5. Dear @AbitofByte, You've been accepted to our community as a Member, no interview needed. Sincerely, Marrazo Community Management
  6. Dear @Ford, You've been accepted to our community as a Member, no interview needed. Sincerely, Marrazo Community Management
  7. Hello and Welcome! Im glad to announce that our community forum is officially OPEN! But that does not mean we are done, theres still things to add and much content to create for both FiveM and Rust server. We've also added some awards for the start, which we plan to improve in the future. Some of the content is either restricted or hidden for regular registred members, if you'd like to become an official member, you need to fill out an Member application Here
  8. Kenth

    Devblog #1

    Locker Room menu for Organizations is now fully finished. (Outfit - saving, loading, updating, removing). Optimised couple of server plugins and replaced some with personal code written to the "base" plugin. NativeUI, vMenu & FiveM Artifacts updated to the latest versions. New Character Creation was started, finished the Heritance part, clothing section still needs to be created. Added a new vehicle for the LEO organizations. Slicktop Crown Victoria. Character Creation is now finished with the NEW Heritage system, pick yourself a mother and father and then choose how much you look like them. New Garage Menu for organizations with the ability to change livery's, extras and even primary color, and also to refuel and repair your vehicle. Added some new products to stores. Alcohol, Snacks etc.. 4. New compact HUD 5. If player logs out, an 3D text will be created at his position for 30seconds to prevent combat-/rp logging from going unpunished. Tweaks in the Locker Room menu, now suitable for each job in the server. New Clothing Store Menu has been started, removing all the LEO and EMS components from the actual menu etc... Also planning on giving the clothing store same ability as the Locker Room, to save, load, update and create custom loadouts for easy changeing, instead of picking seperate props/clothes every time. New Scoreboard is fully ready. New HTML based hud since the textdraws did not give enough functionality Health & Armour is now shown in the new hud, armour is only shown when its on. Food & Hydration is also under new hud now. GPS is also shown inside the new HUD now. Recoil & Selctive Fire plugins added. You can change the fireing type with"K". Weapon"safety" can be toggled with "L" Fix in the clothing menus New weapons with animations & attachments LSPD Vehicles converted from 4K to 2K LSPD has new Supervisor livery. LSPD mapping fixed 8. Tackle (SHIFT+G) works only for police now Removed 3rd person sight. Activated One-Sync proto. Vehicles should not despawn anymore if you relog/go away from em. LSPD Object spawning limits added. 13. Organization garages support vehicle colouring now. VisualSettings switched out Group lockers had a little bug. Paydays are now in every hour Organization paychecks go now up to $12'000. New vehicles for mechanics New vehicles for EMS Compass memory-leak fixed. Scoreboard had a typo with displaying the taxi members Group locker bug fixed, new members dont have to relog anymore. New Clothing Store menu is in the server now. New function to change camera position in the clothing store menu This devblog contains all the updates that were made to the server during 2019 (Before Marrazo)
  9. Dear @k0rk4, You've been accepted to our community as a Member, no interview needed. Sincerely, Marrazo Community Management
  10. Dear @Desert, You've been accepted to our community as a Member, no interview needed. Sincerely, Marrazo Community Management
  11. Kenth

    Server Rules

    OFFICIAL SERVER RULES & GUIDELINES Basic Rules Powergaming is not tolorated! You are not allowed to have multiple accounts! Logging off during RP situation is not tolorated Breaking character without an on-duty server administrator present is not tolorated! Cop Baiting is not allowed! Erotic roleplay is only allowed in private and when both sides are fine with it. Administrative decisions are final, dont argue with them! If you feel like you've been misjudged, file a complaint in the forums. Names Your character must have a first and a last name! Using a name of a famous person (politicians, actors and such..) is prohibited! Communication Communicating via voice chat should always be considered an IN-Character channel! Mixing IC and OOC channels is prohobited! (Metagame) Spam is prohibited in both, text and voice channels! (That includes constant screaming through voice) Insulting & Racisim is not tolorated in OOC channels! Using third party voice platforms for "help" during RP is only allowed for emergency services! Deaths & Killing Deathmatch is not tolorated, you need a reasonable cause to actually take someones life. Revengekill is not tolorated, if you die, you cant remember who killed you nor why. Terror attacks require permissions from higher server staff! Vehicular Deathmatch is not allowed! Robbing & Conning You cannot force a player to take money out of ATM during robbery Maximum ammount you can rob from a player is $20'000! Maximum ammount you can con from a player is $30'000! If you rob/con a player, you must wait a while before performing it again on the same person. Conning illegal stuff (guns/drugs, etc...) is not considered under rules 2. & 3. under Robbing & Conning! If theres a transaction of goods, then the other party can actually take the contraband and run. Robbing in Department Headquarters is not tolorated! Conning vehicles or properties is not allowed! Weapons If you are taking out a large weapon, you have to RP it out with atleast one /me command! Public advertisments about contraband sales is not tolorated (through media) Property & Money You are not allowed to sell/exchange your IN-Game property/money for IRL Currency/Stuff. Glitches & Bugs All glitches or game breaking bugs regarding server resources must be reported in the correct sub-forum. Using them for your own gain will result in a permanent ban!
  12. OFFICIAL COMMUNITY RULES & GUIDELINES General Rules We want to create a friendly atmosphere here. Please keep it friendly and do not make personal attacks or use offensive language against others. Please don't be disrespectful to other members. No harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech, insults, offensive jokes, threats, offensive/sexually explicit content, religious/political discussion & platform bashing, this behavior will not be tolerated. Do not spam, simple, straightforward, don’t do it. General rule, if you think you will be breaking the rules by doing something, don’t do it. Or ask an admin before you do it. Help regarding certain games should be asked under that game category help forums. Community/Server Staff will have final verdict on rules. If a member of our team asks you to stop doing something, you should stop. Forum Rules Netiquette Topic title When creating topics, your title should be informative and mature Topic & post content When posting something, you must stay respectful to other community members Following actions are not allowed when posting: Posting malware Using inappropriate language, including violent or sexually explicit content No copyrighted content that you dont own rights over Advertising images/content that may or may not lead to other sites unless it benefits the community and community management has given you permission to actually post that kind of content. To avoid duplicating content, search the forum first before you post a topic. Language If you are not communicating in a country based forum/thread, then the content & subjects of your topics/posts should be in english, since we are an international community. Constructive Feedback We appreciate your feedback and even criticism as long as its constructive. Deliberately attacking the community is not allowed, nor will it be tolorated. Accounts Everyone should have only one account per person in the forums. Multi-Accounts will be banned if found out along with your "main" account. Shoutbox Includes all the rules from "2. Topic & post content" Discord Rules NSFW content will not be tolerated. The content will be removed and the user that posted it will have consequences (kick or ban). Rule here is, if you think it is NSFW don't post it. No advertising. Don't post Discord server links, social media links, or any nsfw website without permission. That also includes DM advertising. If you receive Direct Message advertisements please report it to our amazing admin team.
  13. Kenth

    Season's Beatings!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! The Christmas Event is once again live! If you haven't been around for this before, here's what you can expect: Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. Run outside and look for a gift! Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Run up and bash it open to receive your Christmas presents. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. If you have enough small presents stashed, you can "trade up" to a medium or large. The contents of each present varies, but you'll find a mix of resources, weapons, and candy. We've also added wrapping paper allowing you to wrap up items as gifts to other players, perhaps sold in your vending machine... Once again, you will be able to find Santa hats and reindeer antlers, both of which can be worn and provide a decent amount of protection. There’s also a lickable candy cane club, and two types of stockings. If you hang a stocking inside your base when the jingle bells ring the stocking will fill up with loot. The larger stocking has a higher chance for better items and both last around 5-10 refills. You may notice a different look to a few other aspects of the game but I won't spoil them here. Have fun! We've also added some holiday themed items to the Rust Item Store including some Deluxe Christmas Lights, Check them out! We've also added a couple more deployables from last year such as the Snow Machine, which runs on Low Grade Fuel and blankets a small area of terrain in a layer of snow Link to original facepunch blog: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/xmas-2019
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