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    New MLO mapping for Mission Row PD Added a new illegal warehouse job New Bank UI, now works with character names instead of ID's (You need to type a name of the character you want to transfer money to.) First Person Shooting now cancels when you switch to melee/fists Mechanic has been moved back to Los Santos New Inventory UI, some items still need images. Clicking & Unclicking seatbelt shows now on top of player head aswell. Added a little cooldown between seatbelt switching ATM's show now on map aswell. City Hall now has an interior aswell
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    Locker Room menu for Organizations is now fully finished. (Outfit - saving, loading, updating, removing). Optimised couple of server plugins and replaced some with personal code written to the "base" plugin. NativeUI, vMenu & FiveM Artifacts updated to the latest versions. New Character Creation was started, finished the Heritance part, clothing section still needs to be created. Added a new vehicle for the LEO organizations. Slicktop Crown Victoria. Character Creation is now finished with the NEW Heritage system, pick yourself a mother and father and then choose how much you look like them. New Garage Menu for organizations with the ability to change livery's, extras and even primary color, and also to refuel and repair your vehicle. Added some new products to stores. Alcohol, Snacks etc.. 4. New compact HUD 5. If player logs out, an 3D text will be created at his position for 30seconds to prevent combat-/rp logging from going unpunished. Tweaks in the Locker Room menu, now suitable for each job in the server. New Clothing Store Menu has been started, removing all the LEO and EMS components from the actual menu etc... Also planning on giving the clothing store same ability as the Locker Room, to save, load, update and create custom loadouts for easy changeing, instead of picking seperate props/clothes every time. New Scoreboard is fully ready. New HTML based hud since the textdraws did not give enough functionality Health & Armour is now shown in the new hud, armour is only shown when its on. Food & Hydration is also under new hud now. GPS is also shown inside the new HUD now. Recoil & Selctive Fire plugins added. You can change the fireing type with"K". Weapon"safety" can be toggled with "L" Fix in the clothing menus New weapons with animations & attachments LSPD Vehicles converted from 4K to 2K LSPD has new Supervisor livery. LSPD mapping fixed 8. Tackle (SHIFT+G) works only for police now Removed 3rd person sight. Activated One-Sync proto. Vehicles should not despawn anymore if you relog/go away from em. LSPD Object spawning limits added. 13. Organization garages support vehicle colouring now. VisualSettings switched out Group lockers had a little bug. Paydays are now in every hour Organization paychecks go now up to $12'000. New vehicles for mechanics New vehicles for EMS Compass memory-leak fixed. Scoreboard had a typo with displaying the taxi members Group locker bug fixed, new members dont have to relog anymore. New Clothing Store menu is in the server now. New function to change camera position in the clothing store menu This devblog contains all the updates that were made to the server during 2019 (Before Marrazo)
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