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Marrazo is an international gaming community. Our goal is to unite people who like gaming and who are interested in online gameplay. If you'd like to join Marrazo Community, visit our forums for more information.

Welcome to Marrazo Community!

Our community has already multiple game servers for you to choose from! In the future we are interested in adding even more game servers depending on the community's wishes! And you can be the one to suggest them!

Join our server!

We have an FiveM roleplay server on ESX base, with alot of interesting jobs, departments and characters!

Come and figure out who you would like to be!

Coming Soon!

Join our server!

Our rust server is slightly modded 2x server! Its the best experience for those of you who cant play 24/7 and just want to enjoy the general gameplay instead of constant farming. Server gets wiped weekly!

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    • Hello and Welcome!

      Im glad to announce that our community forum is officially OPEN!

      But that does not mean we are done, theres still things to add and much content to create for both FiveM and Rust server. We've also added some awards for the start, which we plan to improve in the future. Some of the content is either restricted or hidden for regular registred members, if you'd like to become an official member, you need to fill out an Member application Here


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